What is Check-Up?

August, 2017

       Check-Up is a cloud-based business process management software.

         Check-Up allows users to design new business processes, create workflows within these processes, and design online forms within these workflows. At the same time, it enables certain business processes to create rules / conditions, model business processes, forms and workflows to be used as templates for different customers.

         Check-Up is a cloud-based software system that allows all entries to be processed, based on process, workflow, purpose, form types, customer and product group hierarchy, and receive notifications on certain conditions.

Management with Check-Up

         Check-Up Business Process Management System Software; web, mobile and cloud platforms and it can be used as an open cloud in service as well as on premise (private cloud) in case of request.

         The cloud version enables system maintenance costs to be managed at minimum levels and from a central location.

Other Features

- Multi language support (Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic ...)

- E-mail, automatic notification with Sms

- GPS - Support for Spatial Technologies

- Attachment support (xls, pdf, jpeg ...)

- Inter-user messaging